What Causes Swollen Lips?

Having a sensation of a fat lip generally is usually due to swelling, which generally occurs as a result of direct contact. Playing contact sports without any protection on your face can give you a fat lip, but the swelling is usually more complicated. In many cases, it may be a sign of a severer illness inside the body.

It is necessary to know the reasons for swollen lips. You can visit your dentist or doctor to discuss its treatment.

What are the causes of a swollen lip?

Trauma is by far the most significant reason for a swollen lip. The thin skin of the lip is quite sensitive, so it doesn’t resist the impact of contact. It can result in the blood rushing to the affected area, causing it to grow a little to form swelling. Fortunately, most cuts and bruises are treatable at home. You will need to analyze the swollen area. If there is no cut, you can apply ice to help reduce swelling. If the skin is broken, you may want to apply a clean, cold compress to control bleeding. You may want to refer to your doctor if bleeding doesn’t stop in 5-10 minutes after the impact.

Another common reason for swelling in lips is an allergy. A condition, known as allergic angioedema, is the most specific reason for swelling in the lips. This condition results in a histamine result in the body, leading to a buildup of fluids underneath the skin layer. The Mayo Clinic suggests allergic angioedema to be a result of food allergies. It will be hard for you to realize that you have a food allergy until to eat something that causes a burning sensation on your lips, mouth, and throat. If it is a mild allergic reaction, you may want to control it through over-the-counter medication, such as Benadryl. This medicine will control your body’s response to antihistamines.

An infection can also be a reason for the swollen lip. Such an infection inflames and irritates the skin tissues on the lips, causing swelling. If you have had a cut on your lip, and it feels swollen, inflamed, and hot to touch even after a few days, it may be a sign of infection. Infection occurs usually when healing wounds and blisters get filled with bacteria, resulting in the healing process to halt or even reverse. Touching a healing wound can cause inflammation or infection, which can result in a swollen lip.

Various chemical reactions inside the body can result in bunds and wounds, especially in sensitive tissues, such as lips. Such conditions can result in blistering, swelling, and overall discomfort. If there is only swelling, you may want to use a cold compress to find some relief. You may need medical attention to treat such an issue. The doctors commonly suggest antibiotics for treatment in this regard.

The key to preventing or treating swollen lips is to stay safe from impacts and practice good overall hygiene. You do not want to have a bacterial infection because it can worsen to cause greater discomfort in the lip area along with swelling.

Keep Cavities away this Christmas

The holiday season brings so many good things in our lives.  Most of us think of family and friends. It is a time to be together and to find common ground even when we have very little or so we think.  But it is also a time for treats, deserts, and for enjoying our seasonal favorite drinks.  The cooking is usually amazing and I know that my family goes the extra mile to make amazing goods for us all.  That is also one of the reasons that we also change up how we cook a bit for the holidays.  We know that cavities are lurking around every corner and become expensive issues when you are older or have multiple children.  So we try to cut out a lot of the sugar and attempt to put in more healthy ingredients.  So let’s go over some of the ways your family can help fight cavities this year.

If your Family is able to think about changing how they cook or how they do their deserts that is amazing.  I know we like to bake more cookies that have less sugar than many other families for dessert, but that is not always the case.  You can simply have everyone eat less, but that seems to never work out as our country only tends to get larger and our traditions get more focused on food.  But if you are able to resist simply try to eat and drink less sugary items this year.  That can keep the plaque from building up and eating away at your teeth.  That in the long run helps to keep those cavities from forming and the pain and expenses away.  So simply dieting and being smart can help in that area.

Another area is simply to drink more water during this season.  If you can do nothing to change your diet or dental routine, drinking water is not a bad way to go.  It allows your mouth to constantly clean and rinse our the extra food and sugar particles and helps to keep them from eating away at your enamel.  This is an amazing thing for your mouth and drinking a glass of water for each other beverage you have is a great way to protect your mouth.  But it not only rinses your mouth but hydrates you as well.

Hydrated humans usually keep up with their saliva production.  That means by staying hydrated and drinking more water you are creating the correct amount of your body’s own mouthwash.  Saliva helps keep your mouth clean and also helps to fight those cavities as well because of it.  So make sure to grab a glass, bottle, or stainless steel mug of water and take it along this holiday season. But there is always the basics that you should be doing as well.

This time of year is the best time to get into a great dental health habit.  Make sure you are brushing twice to three times a day this season.  By doing this you are putting up layers of protection on your teeth and helping to clean away all the bad particles that get stuck there. It is also not a bad idea to do some flossing as well.  The dental sticks are great at allowing this to be done quick and simply.